outfit post: navy colorblock sheath, navy two-button jacket, black pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - Hobbs UK

Made it home safe & sound from Minnesota! Survived my first -20° experience! Going to start recapping the cold weather office outfits I wore tomorrow. (Hint: layers layers layers!)

This suit is an recent investment which brings my suit count up to three. I bought a black one from Anne Taylor my second year in college (14 years ago - phew!) and then a grey one a few years into working. (Although the jacket to the grey one has gone missing around two years ago on one of my work trips. Grr.) I always wear a suit the first day on site with a client and then rotate the pieces as separates into outfits during the week I'm there. (And into my wardrobe the rest of time also.) So finally I decide to bite the bullet and invest in a third one.

I bought all four of the pieces - the jacket, skirt, trousers and sheath dress. (Tried the straight legged pants first and the cut didn't look good on my body at all. But the trouser cut was cute.)



  1. Love this - so polished and professional. I need to invest in another suit, and navy would be a great color. I also love that you're wearing navy with black shoes again. You're helping me accept that it is okay, so maybe I'll actually wear my navy skirt soon :)

    1. :) The navy and black is hard for me too sometimes. But the sheath dress having both colors helped a lot.

  2. Can't wait to see your cold weather outfits from Minnesota since it is negative temps in IL today too! It gets tough sometimes to dress in layers to stay warm but maintain a professional appearance.

    1. Hope you're enjoying this week and my newbie dressing for work when it's crazy cold!


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