guest outfit post - sister week: mustard sweater, leopard print blouse, black skinny jeans, black flats

Inspiration - Jennifer Lopez

This is the next to last post from my cute little sister! She was so wonderful to cover for me over the past few weeks to keep the blog more interesting with individual outfits in case you got bored with all the year in review posts. Super grateful to her!

Turns out she had so much fun helping me out that she decided to start her own blog!! It's a super cute style blog geared toward college aged girls on a budget. It's called Skinny Threads and if you're interested you can check it out here:

For today's post - I love this mix of leopard & mustard in her outfit! I would initially think that the combination would clash but instead I think they are a great compliment especially paired with black pants.



  1. Oh exciting about your sister starting a blog! I've added her to my daily readings.

  2. loving the pops of leopard here! great look : )

  3. How excitig for your sister! I almost bought a leopard print blouse this weekend but didn't. Now I'm definitely reconsidering.

    NCsquared Life

  4. That is a super cute look! It really pops for these dull winter days!

  5. I'm excited to check out both of your Blogs now :)

  6. Nice outfits!!
    Check out my new blog

  7. I'm SO excited that your sister finally started a blog! I am following her now as well.


  8. Thanks for the sister support everyone! I like checking in on what she's wearing because our current lives require such different sets of clothes. It's fun to see what she's wearing out and about as a trendy college student! (Hopefully helps keep me "cool".)


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