outfit post: grey tunic sweater, light chambray shirt, rockstar skinny jeans, black riding boots

Where I wore this: Travel Day to Polar Vortex Minnesota

Post 1/6 - Here's what I wore on the plane to fly from Florida to Minnesota for a four day business trip. The temperatures were forecast to be frigid (one day was low of -20°F with high of -3°F!) for most of the week I would be there. I wasn't entirely sure what to pack. I knew I could bundle up to survive outside for a little bit but once bundled I didn't want to die of heatstroke inside the office. I wasn't sure what would be a reasonable layering balance.

Over the next few days I'll show you what I wore and try to share what I thought worked/didn't work. And at the end of the week I'll put together a packing checklist in case you'd find that useful. 

Now that I'm home with a high of 73°F today - I have to say kudos to you guys who deal with these temperatures on a regular basis! 

(Picture below is what I carry at the airport. I did two previous posts - one about what I bring in my carry-on tote (over my shoulder) and another my method for packing for business trip.)

    Over my arm:


    1. This is a great travel outfit - and I love the mix of gray and navy!

    2. In regards to your dye problem you mentioned in the last post with these jeans, have you tried setting them with white vinegar? Something about it is supposed to help the dye from running.

      1. Thanks for the tip! Definitely going to try vinegar trick!

    3. What a perfect outfit, as usual. Love the layering and the jewelry.


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