outfit post: green striped button down, green sweater, grey work pants, black flats

Where I wore this - Minnesota client workshop Day 4 & travel home

Post 5/6 - This was the last outfit I wore on Friday for client workshops in Minnesota. The undershirt plus button down plus cashmere sweater kept me nice and toasty - along with the "warm" 30 degree weather that finally arrived. Lesson learned - layers are key.

We had a short day of configuration discussion and after lunch my co-worker and I headed to the airport to fly back to Florida. Since this outfit is reasonably comfortable - I wore it home on the plane. Easier then digging around in my suitcase in the airport bathroom for a specific travel outfit.

Glad to be home again with the hubs & our little furry friends. This week home has been a pretty busy whirlwind week. Lots of work and catch up on life. And then next up on the agenda, I leave for Germany on Monday for two weeks for another project! Exciting!!

Going to try to write some scheduled posts this weekend to come out while I travel and then I will recap my packing list when I get back! :)



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