guest outfit post - sister week: green plaid shirt, suede vest, black skinny jean, hunter wellie boots

Inspiration - Skirt the Rules

My wonderful little sister agreed to do another guest poster sister stint! She has done three guest weeks before and each time I love seeing what she comes up with. I think her style is really fun, young and trendy. I hope you enjoy her looks over the next few weeks!

This vest reminded me of a fur vest with a little less foof. It is the softest thing ever. I was unsure what to pair it with, but this photo inspired me to pair it with plaid and surprisingly it worked really well. I didn't have any brown boots, but the hunter green ones my sister owns went perfectly with the theme. I almost feel like I went hunting in my boots, shot a deer, skinned it and made this vest. But I love it.



  1. Question. There are some really cute outfits out there that involve rain boots. Do people wear rain boots when it's not raining? Or would you save this for a rainy day? I can't bring myself to wear rain boots on a dry day. Just curious what other people do.

    1. I wear them on a day it's rainy, has already rained a lot or is supposed to rain. (Or at my parents house who live in a swamp... but that's different.) I have worn them on a normal day and felt goofy the whole time... so I stick to when they are needed.

    2. Thanks!! I feel goofy too if it's not wet outside!!


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