outfit post: striped sweater, blue button down, grey editor pants, brown loafer heels

Inspiration - Real Simple

As I was digging through my winter sweater box - I found this really old sweater. At first I was considering donating it because I think the length of it is a little short on my torso. But before I got around to it - I stumbled on this inspiration picture in my Pinterest feed. The button down shirt layering with a sweater both looks cute AND solves the functional problem of the sweater length. Double score!

I've had a few questions since my thanksgiving outfit post about layering sweaters and things getting bunchy. I think sometimes it works fine if the under shirt is pretty fitted and the material of the outer sweater is on the heavier side. When that is not the case and the outer sweater is thinner - I found this great tip of layering a tank as the middle layer from Fran on her blog. She has great demo pictures if you click through.



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