guest outfit post - sister week: red plaid shirt, green sweater, black skinny jean, burgundy pumps

Inspiration - Extra Petite

My wonderful little sister agreed to do another guest poster sister stint! She has done three guest weeks before and each time I love seeing what she comes up with. I think her style is really fun, young and trendy. I hope you enjoy her looks over the next few weeks!
This outfit started with the sweater. I am a huge bargain shopper and refuse to sacrifice quality and style for lack of a budget. Browsing Forever21 can be overwhelming with the crazy amount of clothes piled into one huge white block of a store, but I happened upon this sweater and could not be more excited. It was christmas-y, included a necklace already sewn to the sweater (bonus!) and had a great fit that felt like it was not made at Forever21. Ironically, the best finds at Forever21 are the items that look that you got them from any store other than Forever21.

Anyway, back on track. The sweater. Great. What goes best with forest green during the holidays? Red. Red flannel. Boom. Black skinnies and plum heels/purse worked great, but the top part of the outfit is what rocks. Pair it with a high waisted leather skater skirt (foreshadowing outfits to come?), regular jeans, boyfriend jeans, the list goes on.

Where would I wear this outfit? A holiday party, visiting relatives, holiday shopping or something more low key with flats instead of the heels.



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