guest outfit post - sister week: grey sweater, white button down, black skinny jeans, black ankle boots

Inspiration - Da Fashionista

My wonderful little sister agreed to do another guest poster sister stint! She has done three guest weeks before and each time I love seeing what she comes up with. I think her style is really fun, young and trendy. I hope you enjoy her looks over the next few weeks!

I love layering button downs and sweaters together when it gets chilly. I feel so sophisticated and preppy. In the inspo picture she is wearing a skirt and tights but I chose black skinnies instead. Mostly because I don't own a skirt that looks right under the sweater and button down. My sister was kind enough to let me borrow her booties. Black booties are a great item to own during winter. They pair well with jeans as well as tights and skirts or tights and dresses. It's hard for me to break down and invest because it's only cold where we live for a few months out of the year. But I guess booties could be worn in the warmer months with light weight dresses. So, to do: find booties at reasonable price. I would steal my sisters (don't read this tehe) but we are one shoe size apart and my toes are a little squishy in them. 



  1. I love this look! I am so glad to hear you appreciate it, too! It is so clean and sophisticated yet hip and extremely comfortable at the same time.

  2. Ankle booties are great if you can find a pair that isnt too expensive. They can be worn with SO much, and keep your feet warm without being "too much" in FL.


    1. I'll help my lil sis keep an eye out for an inexpensive pair. (She's already 'stolen' my brown ankle boots.)


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