guest outfit post - sister week: blue lace overlay dress

Inspiration - Revolve

My wonderful little sister agreed to do another guest poster sister stint! She has done three guest weeks before and each time I love seeing what she comes up with. I think her style is really fun, young and trendy. I hope you enjoy her looks over the next few weeks!

This dress was a gift from my boyfriend's sister. I wore it to a dinner and got so many compliments on it and "where did you get that from?" Sadly, I told them I didn't know. But the brand is Lush so I assume it is from a boutique or retailer that carries Lush. The lace applique seems to be a big trend (I think there's an actual name for it other than lace applique) so I feel super trendy when I wear this. It would be perfect for New Years Eve or a Holiday cocktail party. It is a little scandalous so I would skip wearing it to a family party and save it for a friends party.



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