guest outfit post - sister week: black long sleeved skater dress

Inspiration - French Connection

Another random Forever21 find. I had grabbed a ton of clothes to try on and was leaving the fitting room when I saw this dress haphazardly poking out of a rack with $9 displayed on the top. I picked it up. No way this dress would fit right. Nine dollars? The reject rack? Someone must have thought the same thing because it was poking out and left out to dry. Lucky me they were wrong. I swiped it, tried on, and boom. Fit like a glove. I didn't have to dance around in it. I didn't have to tug it or take my hair out of my ponytail, put it back in the ponytail and take it out again to know that I liked this dress. I tell myself to remember never to buy those things that you try on and do not immediately want to do a little dance or say "eeeeeeeeee" in your head. Sometimes I do that not in my head.

So, this is definitely a fancy shmancy but pretty scandy dress so appropriate places to wear would include New Years, night on the town or... yeah maybe that's it. But for $9 those two events would be like $4.50 per event.



  1. I love that dress. It looks great on you!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Replies
    1. I told her she should definitely wear some boyshorts/spanx underneath in case of wind!

  3. Your outfit posts are awesome! I wore a similar mini dress for my New Year's eve party and it was so comfortable, I danced all night. Keep up with your outfit ideas!


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