outfit post: black suit, teal blouse, black heels

The past few weeks are a total blur. Lots and lots of working very long hours and very late nights trying to pull my project through to a successful launch. And the final result was a success! Which is great.

I came home a little early on Friday, curled up on the couch and promptly passed out for about 12 hours. (With a quick wake-up to shove some pizza in my mouth and pass back out.) Saturday was more of the same. Sleeping, football, sleeping and just trying to get my brain back. Phew!

And then before I knew it - it was Sunday and I had to pack up to fly to DC for a week of workshops for my next client! I'm normally really good about packing light (hence all my freaking one suitcase posts!) but I couldn't get my brain to focus on what I needed to bring or how to figure out what was weather appropriate. Forecast said it was 80/65 in Florida but 55/35 in DC. So instead of thinking it through and trying stuff on - I just jammed random things I know I like in a suitcase. Definitely more then I needed.

Then I took a couple of photos to use while I'm here this week - but again my brain wasn't working very well - so I didn't take pictures of the clothes I was packing. Which is kind of stupid. It was partly because you've seen most of them already on the blog and partly because I didn't have an 'inspiration' photo ready for other outfits. And partly because my brain isn't really working at the moment.

Still super sleepy as I write this post for tomorrow.  Hopefully will regain mental faculty before in front of client tomorrow! Off to bed!!