Saturday, November 2, 2013

one suitcase: beach vacation - checklist graphic

Sorry if I've been a little MIA/sporadic recently. My work project of 10 months is going live on Tuesday. So I've been working every spare second to try my best to make the project successful. Might be a little bumpy post-wise through next week - but I'll try my best! In the meantime - here's the next re-done one suitcase - adding a checklist!!

One Suitcase Beach Vacation Checklist:

 If you'd like to visit the original posts with me wearing the outfits:
The method:
  1. Basics - First I pick some basics pieces to lay the foundation for the trip. I try to pick my favorite go-to clothes. Clothes I know I wear over and over. The ones that go with almost everything. For me, this usually involves  laying out my favorite jeans, basic shorts and a pair of super comfy wedges.

    For the basics in this capsule wardrobe I have chosen whites & navys/blues as the base colors. I packed my favorite jeans, white & black shorts, white button down shirt, chambray button down shirt, a navy & a white cardigan and a white strapless dress.

  • Interest - Second, I add a few interesting pieces to compliment the subtle basics. I look for pops of color or fun patterns that will make the basic pieces more exciting. I try to grab items that will compliment each other or at least be somewhat in the same color scheme. For me, I'd usually go for a striped top, a dress, few colored dresses and an interesting blouse that would go with both cardigans.

    For this capsule wardrobe I chose a pink t-shirt, a striped tank, a teal tank, an ikat tank, an ikat coverup, a teal maxi dress, an ikat skirt and a green & yellow dress.

  • Accessories & Shoes - Finally, I add some accessories to complete the outfits. Jewelry, belts and scarves take up very little room and can dramatically alter how an outfit looks. Unfortunately, shoes is the area I still struggle with. I always want to bring just one more pair. But I've learned to limit myself to only either blacks or browns (depending on my clothes) and then nude/beige shoes go with everything.

    For this capsule wardrobe I chose three necklaces, one gold watch, white fedora hat, brown belt and a teal clear beach bag. 

      Proof of concept - All my clothes, jewelry & shoes fit in my one beach bag! (I'd actually use a carry-on suitcase and typically I wear my bulkiest pair of shoes & jeans on the plane so this bag would have more room - but just for show I put everything into the one bag.)


            1. Pretty cool and very clear-you make it so simple to choose!

              1. That's a pretty awesome art blog you have! :)

            2. What do you do if something gets wet or dirty / smelly? Do you plan on washing things while you're away?

              1. If I'm traveling for more then a week - I will typically send my laundry out or find a laundry mat mid-trip. The expense of a little laundry while traveling is well worth it to me versus hauling around too much stuff.

                I also bring downy wrinkle releaser to refresh lightly worn clothes.

            3. This post could not have come at a better time! I just booked a beach vacation for Winter break, and began to panic as to what to even start thinking of packing! This printout is great! Can't wait to see more in the future!

              Understated Classics

              1. Yay! Glad you liked it! I hope you have a fantastic trip!

            4. My heroe!! Never have to pay for the overweight in my bag!

            5. Is it just me, or have you got a pair of capris in there that aren't in your list?

            6. Is it just me, or have you got a pair of capris in there that aren't in your list?



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