outfit posts: burgundy cardigan, floral tie-neck blouse, black dress pants

Inspiration - Loft

I think I may have mentioned this before - I'm not the best about using the exact right color name for my clothes here on the blog. But I find myself considering being accurate and identifying this cardigan as a very specific color like plum or merlot or mulberry instead of using blanket "burgundy" for any reddish/purplish hued color. In which case I'd definitely be more correct but I use labels for everything and want to make searching on the blog easy. It's much much more complicated to find all similar cardigans if I have divided colors into too many subcategories. So as a general method - I've decided to just pick a few colors and then use them as labels for anything that is in the same color neighborhood. Hope that makes sense.

This look is about "me" as you can get. Basic pants, floral/patterned top and a colored cardigan. Easy peasy. 

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