outfit post: teal cardigan, dot blouse, grey wide legged pants

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Really random "I'm going to tell you a story because I'm super proud of myself but this has zero to do with clothing" story time. I got on a little house fixer upper project kick this weekend. Our house was built in the early 80s and we mostly enter our house through a side door near the garage. On either side of the garage are these ugly tube shaped lights that get wet in the rain and therefore always burn out. When they are out it is pitch black in our driveway. So I got it in my mind it was time to replace them. I'm pretty handy around the house but electrical work always seems a little intimidating.

I went to Lowe's and bought two new wall lights that were shaped more like lanterns. Top on the fixture to keep the water out? Check! I don't know if I'm behind on lighting technology but the really basic models of outdoor lights have both light & motion sensitivity! They automatically turn on to a low setting at dusk and then if they detect motion - jump up to brighter setting. So cool.

Brought them home and after scraping my knuckles bloody loosening the rusted screws, discovering and running away like a crazy person from a wasp nest and installing the mounting plate on backwards - twice - I managed to get them up, wired, mounted and working! Yay me! Now there is a lovely welcoming glow when I pull up after a long day at work!

(I was so impressed by the light sensitivity technology being so cheap I order two $8 easy screw in light sensitive sockets for our front hanging porch light. Yay sensors!)

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  1. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and it's now one of my favorites. I like the fact that the outfits you post are work appropriate. I work in IT in a business casual environment and I've gotten a lot of inspiration to re-work items from my closet. Thanks for helping me get out of my style rut!

    I like the combination of teal and grey. I have some similar items in my closet, so I'll have to try this combination.

  2. Love the "pop" of color with the teal cardigan - great choice!

  3. Have to congratulate you on your DIY porch/driveway light success! Lighting matters.
    I'm a huge renovator/DIY'er and I've read your blog for a couple years and never commented. I guess it took this to bring me out! The outfit is cute, too, of course. :)

  4. wow, I'm impressed with your skills! That would have been something would have call my dad to help with! Good job, girl!


  5. Love the outfit! I'm impressed with the DIY skills too. It has definitely inspired me to replace that pesky outdated porch light that's been bothering me. :)

  6. We had the exact same style of lights on one of our previous homes, too! We never did get around to swapping them out, though. Good for you for taking care of it!

    1. Yay for getting house to-dos wrapped up! :)


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