outfit post: burgundy cardigan, pink tweed skirt, burgundy pumps

Inspiration - AnnaLynne McCord

For today's outfit photo I took the basic idea of the inspiration photo and adjusted to clothing pieces that I actually own. I love the tweed pencil skirt, buttoned up cardigan and ladylike necklace. I initially tried on a pink and then a white cardigan - but both made the outfit look very spring. I think the browns in the inspiration skirt grounds the outfit so switched to a darker cardigan on top and I love the outcome. (All though I do sorta want to stand behind a politician giving a speech - something about the combination feels very political wife to me...)

Skirt worn previously:
Oh and yes - I wore this cardigan yesterday... second day in a row wearing same top - oops.



  1. Lovely Fall outfit! I look forward to your blogs every morning. It's empowering in a way because I've always thought of myself as having little fashion sense even though I love to shop for clothes. Your posts are "teaching" me to piece together outfits. Thank you. ;)

    1. Yay! Thank you! I'm so glad that you like the blog! :)

  2. Well I love your politician-y outfit! Like you, I have a bit of a cardigan obsession and I really like the burgundy pairing. I look forward to your posts every morning. I work in an environment where professional dress is the norm and you are always a source of inspiration for me. :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love this lady-like look! A tweed skirt is definitely something I would like to add to my closet :)

  4. I just found your site last week and absolutely love it. You are great inspiration! Thank you so much.

  5. I like the purple and pink, its much more fall.



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