outfit post: beige cardigan, yellow tank, print pencil skirt

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Super fun birthday weekend! Went to Halloween Horror nights with my husband, sister & her boyfriend. Had fun going through the haunted houses and riding the fun rides. (I totally decimated the hubby in Men in Black alien killing points!)

Stayed the weekend in Orlando (yay hotel points!) and we did a little outlet shopping on Saturday. I found a few cute things (more on what I bought tomorrow) but for the most part I wandered around the outlet mall feeling like I already own a bunch of nice clothes and most of the things I was drawn to were already represented in my closet in some way. I didn't feel very inspired by unique finds or that there were very many things I just had to bring home with me.

In the end, I basically just tried to be smart about what I frivolously through was cute versus what would add variety or fill gaps in my wardrobe. Which meant no more patterned pencil skirts or striped shirts. :) 

In general, it's fun to browse at stores but I definitely always try to be aware of when I might just be shopping for shopping's sake.



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