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After many requests to create checklists for the other One Suitcase features - I spent last night catching up with my good friend Tivo (Project Runway & Grey's Anatomy!) while polyvoring a checklist graphic for the One Suitcase Business Casual! Without further ado -

One Suitcase Business Casual Checklist:

 If you'd like to visit the original posts with me wearing the outfits:

And finally how I constructed the checklist & individual pieces with links:

The method:  
1. Basics - First I pick some basics pieces to lay the foundation for the trip. I try to pick my favorite go-to clothes. Clothes I know I wear over and over. The ones that go with almost everything. For me, this usually involves  laying out my black work pants, my favorite jeans and a pair of super comfy flats.  
For this capsule wardrobe I have chosen my black three piece suit (skirt, pants & jacket), grey sheath dress, favorite dark jeans, white button down shirt and a black ruffled tank top.

2. Interest - Second, I add a few interesting pieces to compliment the subtle basics. I look for pops of color or fun patterns that will make the basic pieces more exciting. I try to grab items that will compliment each other or at least be somewhat in the same color scheme. For me, I'd usually go for a striped top, a dress, few colored cardigans and an interesting blouse that would go with both cardigans.
For this capsule wardrobe I chose a print wrap dress, polka-dot pencil skirt, tie-neck blouse, pink t-shirt, striped shirt and two colored cardigans.

3. Accessories & Shoes - Finally, I add some accessories to complete the outfits. Jewelry, belts and scarves take up very little room and can dramatically alter how an outfit looks. Unfortunately, shoes is the area I still struggle with. I always want to bring just one more pair. But I've learned to limit myself to only either blacks or browns (depending on my clothes) and then nude/beige shoes go with everything.  
For this capsule wardrobe I chose three necklaces, one gold watch, black belt, black pumps and nude flats.


  1. Hi MK, the grey sheath dress in the info graphic is different from the one you listed below, but it love it! Do you know where it was from?

    1. I found the dress on Polyvore and it's -
      Ralph Lauren Black Label Clicked on it and it's on super sale - $1475 marked down to $737... doh. :/ frequently has great sheath dress options. :)

    2. No wonder I loved it so much! Lol. Thanks for the heads up though. We have a store in canada that has one similar, I was hoping it was from there ( I think)

  2. Your blog is my absolute favourite!

  3. Girlfriend where have you been all my life?! As a busy mom, I have most of the basic pieces but kept wearing them the same boring way. You've really given my old wardrobe some new life. Thank You!!!


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