outfit post: teal shell, grey cardigan, black wide legged trousers

Inspiration - Zara & lost suitcase

Photo on the left is what I bought and ended up wearing on the first day to big client meeting in Buenos Aires after my carry-on luggage got lost. Pants are soooo long with the flats. They dragged and puddled on the floor. But it was much much better then showing up in the smelly three day old button down and jeans I had been wearing.

Photo on the right is how I wore it again this week. Added heels so pants were right length and different necklace. Much better result!



  1. Wow, those pants are CRAZY long! Are the girls in Argentina that tall?! LOL! I like the different necklaces too.


    1. Thanks!

      The pants were on the super sale rack in the back of the store. Probably because nobody was tall enough to buy them! :)

  2. Look at this experience as a lesson learned. Something to add to your travel kit (in your purse) is double sided tape just in case this happens again. It could have worked perfectly for a quick fix on the length of the pants. I like the outfit though.


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