outfit post: grey pencil skirt, white cowl neck blouse, black suit jacket, black pumps

Inspiration - Vidanet via Pinterest

I can't believe I leave for Argentina this evening! Crazy sudden work trip! The client meeting part of the trip is only two days of working in the office but I will be gone from Monday to Sunday. Since it takes so long to fly there from the US - I will leave on Monday night, fly overnight and arrive in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, head into the office Wednesday and Thursday and then while I was supposed to fly home on on Friday, instead I booked my plane ticket for Saturday so I could have a tourist day to see the city.

So there quite a few things to consider when packing! I took a few pictures yesterday while I was trying to figure it all out and was trying on outfits.  There will be two nights sleeping on airplanes, a few days in an office that I have zero idea of how formal it is and then outfits for hanging out after work, going out to dinner and being a tourist. Phew!

Since I don't know my internet situation while I'm down there - I'm going to queue up a few posts of things I tried on to auto-post this week and then I'll write a bigger post about while I actually brought when I get back.

(If anyone who has suggestions of what I should see/do/eat in Buenos Aires - I'd love to hear them!)



  1. Have a great trip! I really like this outfit; it inspires me to break up a few of my existing suits and mix and match! Sara

    1. Thanks! I'm on a mission to try to wear my suits mixed and matched!

  2. Beautiful, elegant. Have a great trip!

  3. What a simple and classic outfit! You look so elegant and sophisticated, and the necklace adds some interest.


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