outfit post: celeb stalking at Paris Fashion Week

On the last evening in Paris with the bestie we managed to figure out (with google's help) that there was a Lanvin fashion show happening just a few blocks from our hotel at 8 pm. As entertainment before dinner - we wandered over about 7:45 to camp out at the entrance like complete stalkers - mostly hoping to see Kristin Stewart (who we saw pictures of from the day before in Paris on google) because we are both big Twilight nerds.

The area we were waiting in was a scene and a half. The entrance was set back from the street inside a courtyard/parking lot area. There were piles of photographers, people dressed in all kinds of crazy outfits (ridiculously high heels on cobblestones, weird suits, sparkly dresses, bright hats), lots and lots of people only wearing black, a group of women sorta dressed like stewardesses handing out some kind of big booklets, people with clipboards, lots of chauffeurs and more photographers - all milling around this courtyard area.

When a car would approach the entrance to the courtyard the mob of photographers would surge toward the car and the flashes would start to go crazy. The crazier the mob surge toward the car and amount of flashes got - the more famous the person arriving.

We had a pretty good spot because the attendees had to get out of their cars, make it through the photographers and then around a car we were standing next to - to get inside. So we just hung out on this car for about 30 minutes watching the funny circus and being stalkers.

Here is what I was able to capture with my iPhone:
Photographers mobbing someone at front of courtyard.

Panoramic shot of courtyard.

Anna Wintour's blur of a blond bob. (Blurry head just to the right of the silver chevy's windshield.) Couldn't get as good a picture of her because the crowd was going nuts.

**Update - here's a real paparazzi shot of Anna Wintour arriving to Lanvin show.**

Grace Coddington- creative director Vogue

Grace Coddington - creative director Vogue

Not sure who this person was - but photogs went crazy. We were guessing French actress but we had no idea. **Update -Laura Smet - French actress - real paparrazzi shot of Laura Smet.

Anna del Russo - editor at Vogue Japan. **Update - real paparazzi shot.**

Again, we weren't sure who this person was. She was really pretty and photographers were going crazy. **Update - Yao Xingtong - Chinese actress - real paparazzi shot**

Hope you enjoyed my stalker camera work. :)

I'm flying home Sunday and will start normal daily outfit posting again on Tuesday and will get Paris One Suitcase post up as soon as I can manage after that!


  1. You're too funny. Lol. Looking forward to hearing more exciting stories from your trips and to more awesome outfits!

  2. So funny ! As a French reader, just received so many congratulations for your paparrazi shots !
    For the record, Laura Smet is more known to be Johnny Halliday's daughter (a kind of French Elvis Presley) than for her acting talents !
    Can't wait to see Paris Suitcase next week !

    1. Thanks for the information! I wasn't familiar with Laura Smet but the photographers loved her!

      I hope you, as a real French resident, not a big tourist like me, approve of what I wore!! :)

  3. Paris is amazing already but Paris during fashion week? Ooh la la! What an amazing time to be in Paris!

    1. We totally lucked out! So much fun people watching in Paris!


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