outfit post: bright floral dress, burgundy cardigan, purple pumps

Inspiration - Pippa Middleton

The rest of the work week in Buenos Aires went well. (Sorry if I sounded whiny in the last post - I was beat.) My presentations to client big-wigs went well and in the remaining meetings & training sessions I tried to pass as much info as I could to the implementation team here. I think it was a successful trip, especially considering 95% of all conversations around me were solely in Spanish. I hung in there & contributed as best I could. :)

This is an older outfit photo that never got posted. I think this dress is so fun and bright. Although I don't wear it as much as I would like because I get a little confused trying to figure out when to wear it. It's got a relatively conservative silhouette and high neck - so I would initially think a more conservative event. But it's really quite short on me which takes it out of the modest arena. So I think it is so pretty - but confusing. :)

Silly link my little sister sent me: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks New York Fashion Week



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