outfit post: blue cropped pants, grey drapey cardigan, white tank, black t-strap wedges

Inspiration - Zoe Saldana

Holy travel plans Batman!! My September schedule was originally looking relatively quiet with normal work weeks and some hometown football weekends mixed in. And then two incredibly exciting travel opportunities popped up back to back!

First, my bestie in the whole wide world is super scientist/professor smartie-pants. She got invited to present her plan to take over the world research at evil genius, mad scientist convention in Brussels the last week in September. She emailed and asked me if I wanted to come along. Um, YES!

Amazingly my work project schedule could accommodate a vacation week so we immediately made plans to leave five days before the conference (Sept 22nd) to fly into Brussels and then take the train over to Paris for a few days! We have dreamed of traveling to Europe together since we were little bookworms who would go to each other's houses for 'reading dates' when we were 13 and imagine traveling around the big interesting world.  So I am absolutely beyond excited for this trip! (We haven't lived in the same town since 2007.)

And then! Yesterday, I was just humming along getting my normal client work wrapped up for the weekend when my boss IM'ed and says, "How do you feel about project travel to Argentina?" Um... YES! And then he follows up with, "And how do you feel about doing it next week?" Whoa! But still, YES!

So I'm now scheduled to fly out Tuesday the 10th to Buenos Aires to assist on a project. I'll work there for the week and return that weekend. Looking at flights I should be able to squeeze in a day of sightseeing by flying home Saturday instead of Friday. Exciting! I've never been to Argentina.

Like I said - Holy Travel Batman!



  1. Holy Travel! Here I was moaning about driving 2 hours for football games 6 of 7 weekends in a row, with a 10 hour trip to Ohio during the off weekend. A trip with the BF would certainly make my travels so much better!
    And do we ever get to live in the same town as the best friend? I so wish we did!
    Hope the travels are great!

    1. Thanks! Good luck on all those busy football weekends! That sounds both fun & tiring!

  2. So jealous of your upcoming travel plans! Have fun!!


  3. Great casual look!!! Oh what I would give to be able to travel. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Have fun.



  4. Wow, so many exciting travel plans!
    I am very obsessed with my cobalt pants right now, so I am definitely saving this post for some inspiration!

    1. I love cobalt too! I feel like you are wearing trendy colored pants but they're still blue like jeans or navy workpants - so not too crazy far out of my comfort zone. :)

  5. MK, I usually love everything you wear but this sweater is not doing it for me.

    1. Yeah. It's definitely almost like wearing a blanket in public. I've joked with my husband it's my cardigan snuggie. :)


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