outfit post: black crepe button blouse, grey pencil skirt, burgundy heels

Inspiration - Victoria Beckham

I wear my hair in ponytails all the time. It grew pretty long this summer and instead of dealing with early morning blow-drying/styling I tend to just pull it up with an elastic. I've always thought that a basic black hair tie was the best way to go for work ponytails - or if I was feeling really fancy I'd take a strand of hair from the ponytail to wrap around the elastic to hide it.

And then last week on a whim I bought two metal hair cuffs in gold & silver off of Amazon for $6 each. I tried the silver one out today by doing a side part and low ponytail and then adding the cuff as the hair tie. And I absolutely love the result! It's like non-tacky work appropriate hair jewelry!

Because these hair cuffs worked out so well - I might invest in a few of these colored ones too. Yay for lazy hair fun!

And since we're discussing parts of me you can't see - I'm wearing these silver ball stud earrings (7mm) with this outfit as well. :)

Random note - this outfit is exactly the same (shoes, skirt, jewelry) as this August 8th post except for a different top. But because the shirt is such a different color the then bright cardigan - I feel like it looks totally different.


Got a request for a photo of the cuff in my hair (you can see the earrings here too):


  1. I like the idea of the hair cuffs. Would love to see that from the back (that way you don't have to show your face if you don't want to). You're always an inspiration sweetie!

    1. Thanks so much! Added pix where you can see cuff & earrings. :)

  2. Cute hair cuffs! I often wear ponytails to work too. Love the outfit! It has a totally different feel to it than August 8th's post. Love it!


  3. I like your hair and earrings! I feel like gray and black is always a classic, sophisticated combo.



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