outfit post: yellow pencil skirt, white crepe blouse, brown peep toed pumps

Inspiration - Extra Petite

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday. You guys are so nice! I really really appreciate all the support & sweet sentiments! :)

Yellow skirt day today. This week has felt like three mashed into one. So so long. Super excited for the 3 day weekend. Woo-hoo!



      1. Hello there, that's a really cute outfit! I'm totally hooked on mustard yellow this autumn too!

      2. I am so into yellow all of a sudden. Like this look!

      3. I spotted that skirt on Loft's website several weeks ago, but it was already sold out in my size! I would love to find something similar--it's such a pretty color!

      4. I LOVE this! (and everything else you post) But I just can't figure out how to do the tucked in blouse properly! Maybe it's because i'm so short? I don't know, but thanks for all the inspiration!

        1. I'm no expert on tucking and have zero idea if this method would work for everyone - but here's what I do - I tuck my blouse in as deeply & tight as possible to the whatever bottom I'm wearing and then reach both my arms over my head (like I'm reaching for something on a high shelf) which pulls the blouse out from the tight tuck a bit. This seems to work because it's the amount of fabric give I need to move my arms around all day.

          Hope this explanation makes sense! :)

        2. That does make sense! I will try it out for sure because I really love the look. And seriously thanks for all the effort you put into this blog. 90% of the stuff you post is the style I'm going for.... professional, stylish and classic, feminine.... I've learned a lot from your posts!


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