outfit post: pink cardigan, bright plaid button down shirt, denim pencil skirt, brown peep-toed pumps

Inspiration - Michelle Obama

I've said time and again that my go-to brainless work outfit formula is one that I learned from What Not to Wear:
Basic bottom + Interesting Top (pattern/fun detail/color) + Cardigan/Blazer = Outfit

And I follow that formula all the time.  (Lots of examples here & here.) But until I saw this post from Maria at Dainty & Decadent that I used as inspiration in this post - I had never considered plaid as an option for the 'interesting top' piece. I guess I thought it was too casual?

While I do still think plaid would be too casual for a big meeting with your boss or an important client - I do think it's a great pattern to rotate in for normal casual workdays.

Bright plaid shirt worn previously:


  1. Super cute!! what a fun color combo. I have got to get one of those denim pencil skirts! So versatile.

  2. I thought the same thing with plaid. Now, I think it's a fun print to add into workday clothes. I love your polished look!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. No one I work with cares how I dress so I got into a rut then I remembered *I* care how I dress. But I needed some inspiration and long story...longer that's how I found you. So thanks!


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