Thursday, August 15, 2013

outfit post: peach/pink floral dress, beige cardigan, wide woven belt

Inspiration - Pinny Pincher Fashion

I have worn this dress to a few nice dinners and a bridal shower (wore it on the blog previously here) but I wanted to try to make it more then just a dress I wear on special occasions and see if I could style it into something I could wear to work. I tried to make it work appropriate by adding cardigan and some brown accessories. And while I think this works okay for a end of summer very casual Friday - I think for a normal work environment it could use more polish.

I think next time, to make it more business casual and less casual-casual, I will try a sleeker belt & closed toed shoes. And I think a more structured jacket would be a good idea too.



  1. In the previous post, where you wore this dress, it looks more peachy and I love the combination of peach and teal/turquoise together. In this picture, the dress looks more like a bright fuchsia and I am not loving it that much. I guess the light changes it's color.

    1. I think it might be the lighting as well as the color of the walls in each picture. In my bedroom I have grey walls and quite a bit of natural light (the older peachy pix) but I took this shot in our guest room that has beige walls and a tiny window so it's mostly lamp light. In person it's true color is closer to the first older picture.

  2. For making it more work-appropriate, a V-neck cardigan (as shown in the inspiration photo) might also help. I think it's a pretty dang cute outfit just the way it is, however.

  3. I'm really inspired by this outfit because I have an INC brand pink/orange print dress that I hadn't thought I could wear to work. I may try similar except that my dress is a wrap style - it's lightweight fabric but might not work under a cardigan. I have a white shrug but that would be more casual & I like the beige much better.

    1. Yay! Glad you found this post useful!

      I have worn cardigans over wrap dresses too - I just had try to keep the tie as flat as possible so I don't get a weird bump on my hip. :)



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