outfit post: navy ruffle blouse, polka-dot pencil skirt, black pumps

Inspiration - LoLoBu

I found this blouse on super sale (something like $12) at Banana Republic about five years ago. I think it's so cute as a blouse -  I love the color, fabric and idea of the ruffles on the front. The thing is - I've only worn the blouse once in the years I've owned it because I have a rather, er, large chest and layering a pile of ruffles on top makes it even bigger. So I've been a little too self conscious to wear it very often.

I was debating getting rid of it when I had an 'oh duh' moment of how I could minimize the extra poof problem. I took an iron and flattened & creased the ruffles as best I could to lie flat against the shirt. It made a big difference. It think the top is now much more appropriate looking. Yay for saving a shirt!

(Update note - I made a graphic of all four looks for "leather pants 4 ways" and added it to the post my little sister's did a few weeks ago. You can see the updated post here or if you want to see all posts for "one item - multiple ways" I added a new label to the blog that you can access by clicking here.)



  1. I love the idea of ironing the ruffles down for your said problem. I have the same problem. I have a similar top that I love and rarely wear also. I'm going home and ironing it down. Thanks!

  2. Love this outfit. The top and skirt are gorgeous. Yes ruffles can be a pain in the ass, but they sure are pretty :)

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  3. Love the shirt and love the outfit.

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    1. Thanks so much! Glad you've found the blog useful! :)


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