outfit post: bright pink cardigan, ruffle blouse, brown editor pants

Inspiration - TLC's What Not to Wear

My little sister is moving from an apartment to her sorority house for her senior year of college. There is a gap between the move out and move in dates so she is staying with us for the week. Bonus for me? I get to steal some of her clothes! (We've never gotten the chance to live together since we've become similar sizes in clothing - she was in first grade when I left for college.) This ruffle top is stolen borrowed from her closet. I like the fun & unusual way the ruffles are sewn to the shirt.



  1. Love your blog! I dress very similarly for my job so you give me great ideas!

  2. Such a cute ruffled top! Definitely worth borrowing :)

  3. I think I would steal/borrow that top too!! Who knows, maybe your sister will "forget" to pack it for her move!!

    I have the same cardigan from Old Navy - so now I'll have to find a fun ruffled top too!!

    1. Maybe it will just get 'misplaced' while she's packing. Hee hee. :P


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