outfit posts: polka dot shirt 7 ways

This is just a recap of one of my favorite shirts for a little variety while the One Suitcase is running. My polka-dot shirt is from Forever 21.

(Added this post to Audrey's One Piece Many Ways link up at her super cute blog Putting Me Together.)

Polka-dot blouse outfit details can be found in previous posts:


  1. These are all adorable! I am a sucker for polka dot blouses.

  2. I have a sim dotted blouse and love the piece myself. I think it adds a bits of a fun to a corporate wardrobe.

  3. Is this the same blouse in each picture? Where did the neck tie come from? What am I missing here? :-)

    1. There are two polka-dot shirts - the one with the tie is an older shirt that I recently replaced with the button up version that is seen in the rest of the pictures. I included the tie version pictures because the button up could still work for those color combinations.

  4. This is perfect, MK! I just got a polka dot blouse a few months ago and have been pretty one-note in styling it so far (black pants...haha). I love how you've paired it with bold colors! I'll have to remember this post. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. You have such great style, MK! I love that blouse so much and I especially like the outfit with the pencil skirt and the pumpkin sweater.


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