outfit post: printed three-quarter sleeve blouse, black pencil skirt

Inspiration - Camilla Belle

I bought this top to wear with white shorts during the summer. I thought it was just going to be a casual top. But then I saw this picture of Camilla Belle and it occurred to me I could try to wear it as a work top. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

Two things about the outfit I landed on - One, I wore toned done contrasting shoes (burgundy instead of bright orange) to keep it work appropriate. Two, I think this would be even better with a navy pencil skirt. I really want to find one. I went to the mall and tried Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana, Gap and Express and couldn't find one. I was surprised because it seems like a normal basic. Oh well, we have a tiny mall here, so I will keep my eyes peeled when I'm in DC for work starting next week...

But I did find accidentally find other cute work stuff that I bought, like this yellow & grey top, ivory flutter sleeve top, lattice sleeveless shift, shawl cardigan in grey, and this dot button down shirt. Yay fun new stuff!

  • Rebel pendant necklace - Stella & Dot


  1. Love all your mall finds!
    I never would have thought to pair a boho shirt with a pencil skirt, but it works! I agree that a navy pencil skirt would look great too. Best of luck in finding one in DC!

  2. You should scope out the Limited. They always seem to have the basics - I just bought a beige and navy skirt there a few weeks ago..and they are always on sale!

    1. I wish our mall had a Limited. We used to but then it closed down and was replaced by a Sephora. I miss it!


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