outfit post: white smocked crepe blouse, bootcut jeans

Inspiration - Amy Adams

Comfy casual cute. Back to basics. My favorite jeans and a easy white top. Add some sparkle and sandals and it's a perfect combination for running errands around town or after some little humans on the playground. (I baby-sat for my good friend's 18 month old last weekend and he was perfectly sweet & well behaved but wow - he didn't stop moving for the entire 5 hours! Afterwards I was exhausted. Kudos to you moms who do it everyday!)

Other exciting news - I updated the domain to www.outfitposts.com. I've had it for almost a year but never got around to making the update. The blogger address still works fine. I don't think it'll affect anyone but nice to have a more personal web address. Yay me!



  1. Why do all of your links contain trojans? I've been noticing this for a while now. Kaspersky won't let my computer load any of them, thankfully.

    1. I use ShopeSense, an affiliate link program, so that if you click a link on the site I get a few cents when it redirects you to the suggested store. This is probably showing up as a Trojan because it's not a direct link to the retailer.

  2. Great outfit. Love the simple shirt with the jeans and sandals. Great outfit for the summer.




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