outfit post: plaid dress, navy cardigan, tan wedges

I wore this dress a bunch of times on vacation last week. The first time was out to seafood dinner with a cardigan and wedges. (Oh mmmm geeee is the food good in St. Maarten - even the really random hole in the wall places - I think it's the French influence? Yum-o.)  And then I wore it quite a few times more as a bathing suit cover-up because the fabric is so light it dries really fast.

I think it's funny that I spend so much time making sure that each thing that I pack can be worn in multiple ways with multiple options and that it takes effort to restrict myself to only pack a carry-on worth of stuff. And then when I am actually on vacation and have my 20 options for 7 days or whatever -  I just wear my same favorite five things over and over and over. I have to laugh that I stress about variation when I really could bring even less. As long as I'm not smelly - who cares if I wear the same thing for multiple days?

Didn't take any pictures of my wearing this dress - but do have one of me on the beach in the dress on my honeymoon two years ago - so I added that one below.

(Is plaid out of style? I had really really hard time finding anything similar to put links to below.)


Sun face of me wearing the dress 2 years ago on my honeymoon:


  1. Cute dress. Love it with the blue cardigan.

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  2. I don't know if plaid is out of style--if so my summer wardrobe is in for a shock because I love it and have a ton of it!

    This dress is adorable. I am the same way on vacation--I stress and stress about what to pack and then wear my bathing suit and three other things the whole time. Whatevs!

  3. I got a super cute plaid dress last year from Lands End. They almost always have some plaid goin' on!

  4. plaid is NEVER out of style!! ;) I love the inspiration dress though!!


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