outfit post: beige cardigan, bootcut jeans, tan wedges

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

Sometimes I forget about simple basics pieces when I get dressed. I feel like I see so many trendy, fashionable outfits on magazines and blogs and celebrities so I try to come up with really unique or colorful or unusual outfits that are inspired by those things. And sometimes that's fun and successful. But sometimes I look like a mess and don't feel like myself.

I need to remind myself more often that it's great to stick with classic pieces. Dark wash jeans and a neutral cardigan initially seem like they could be boring. But add a fun necklace and cute shoes and it's a comfy, cute, casual outfit that I'm really happy wearing all day long.

(Fun new purse I bought to have as small easy purse on vacation and is quickly becoming my daily favorite go-to.)



  1. Love the shoes!!!! And I love the yellow cardigan with the blue and white striped skirt from your previous post.

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  2. I absolutely love this look! Such a classic! Those wedges .. I am swooning!!! xo

  3. I completely feel you - it's really easy to feel obligated to make all your outfits interesting and busy and even out of your comfort zone, but the classic ones ARE always the best. I love every piece of this outfit, and they go together beautifully - I just can't pick out a favorite side of it.

  4. Thanks for the backup on wearing classic pieces Rebecca! :)

  5. you're so good at this! I'm such so amazed every time I look at your posts.


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