Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yay!! You guys are so fun! Lots of people want to participate in submitting "One Piece, Two Ways"! I will put a post up on Sunday with details! Super duper excited! :)

I really really loved when the What I Wore blog did the Fall Remix Challenge and the Winter Remix Challenge where she had guest posters send in photos showing one piece of clothing two ways. She had tons of pictures submitted from lots of different bloggers/readers. I thought it was a great way to discover fun new blogs to read.

I was curious if anyone would be interested in doing something similar (one piece two ways) here for spring here in a few weeks? Let me know by clicking the little quiz below or by shooting me an email at

If I get enough interested people I will put up a post with details in a few days for a request for photos in a few weeks! :)


  1. Um, yes, favorite fashion blogger! Of course I would submit photos. Cool idea.

  2. I love those types of posts. In fact, the more ways I see someone wear a given piece, the more likely I am to consider purchasing something like it. I would definitely share a few photos. :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you submit! If you could send them to me by Thursday - that would be great!! :)



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