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Inspiration - Lindsay Lohan

I sometimes get questions on how I put together these inspiration posts. Someone asked if I find a picture I like and then go buy all the items to copy it. And the answer to that is definitely not. I don't buy anything specifically for the blog or any particular post. The great majority of the time I am working with clothes I already own and are ready in my closet.

There are basically two methods I use to find 'inspiration' images to use for posts:
  • Scroll through pinterest, magazines, celebrity fashion blogs and regular blogs and pin any outfit that resembles a piece/pieces of clothing I already own. The inspiration might just be the shape of the clothes or more often it's the color combination of the outfit. And when it's time to get dressed - I pull up the Pinterest folder and use an already saved inspiration photo to put my outfit together.
  • The second method is I am in the mood to wear something and I reverse search for some celebrity or clothing store model wearing something remotely similar. I might want to wear my pink pencil skirt so I start googling "pink pencil skirt celeb" or "pink pencil skirt nicole" swapping in general celeb names like "reese, paris, jennifer, rachel, britney" until I find some passable image that I can use. Or I will browse a site like Net-a-Porter for a similar item because I know they always have an outfit picture with each piece of clothing.
I can luckily find a decent amount of time to do this searching during the week because my job requires I attend a lot of conference calls and for a handful of them I just have to present a 10 minute status update and then listen for other status updates that might impact my project. This leaves room for multitasking & scrolling images while I listen.

Today's post was using the second method. I got these shorts on sale from J.Crew and am totally in love with them. Pink, navy, white & mint paisley? Yes, please! But I have zero images saved that are similar. So I did a bunch of searching for "celebs printed shorts" and "celebs floral shorts" to try to find an image that was workable. Lindsay isn't a perfect match but I think dark shirt & patterned bottom is close enough for what I'm trying to do. I'm okay with the fact it's not an exact match. And I'm okay when it's really really similar. I just kind of roll with what I have to work with.

On the shopping front, I keep a Pinterest folder for outfits I find and love but don't own anything remotely similar. And over time I will see trends developing like posting a ton of maxi dresses or lots of outfits with grey cropped pants. Once I realize I see a pattern - then I will add that thing to my mental list and keep an eye out for it when I'm shopping. Over time that list, and of course impulse buys in the stores, pretty much determines what I end up purchasing.



  1. Interesting reading about your methods! I love this summer outfit, the dark top with the patterned shorts is adorable!

  2. Love your blog! Would love to see a post about how you keep your clothes organized - you so often wear pieces that you've had forever, and I have a tough time finding that one shirt I bought three months ago. Help! ;)

  3. I love those shorts!! And the navy tee is a good match, I wonder if a striped top would be too much with the shorts?


  4. Great method!

    I'm bad for finding a picture of an outfit I like and then trying to buy all the pieces.

    I much prefer your outfit choice than Lindsay's!


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