outfit post: white button down shirt, black pencil skirt, trench coat, wide woven belt

Inspiration - Jacob.ca

Sometimes the simplest outfits are my favorites. I feel like this outfit is 'wear all your classic work staple wardrobe pieces at once' look. White button down? Check. Trench? Check. Black pencil skirt? Check. Black pumps? Check. And then a fun belt for interest makes it an outfit! (I can definitely see myself wearing this exact clothing pieces again with a colored belt swapped in instead of the brown.)

I pinned this picture knowing I don't own a wide beige/taupe belt like the inspiration but I do have a wide brown one. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the black and brown combo. I know fashion rules keep changing and black and brown are considered okay together these days. To wear a mix of those colors I have my own personal rule and it is it just that it has to look like I did it on purpose. Not that I was in a hurry and grabbed what I could as I ran out the door.

And once I put the brown belt on with the black skirt - I loved it together! I think it looks intentional. Maybe the tan/beige (blerg - colors names are hard) trench coat somehow ties in the brown and black into the outfit as a whole? Whatever it is - I love this outfit. Perfect for the rainy rainy week we had last week.

BTW - I'm already so happy & excited with the submissions coming in for the One Piece, Two Ways post! You guys are too cute. Can I come get dressed in your closets?? If you're interested in participating - keep them coming until Sunday, May 12th, midnight ET!



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