outfit post: kelly green sweater, grey 'editor' pants, burgundy pumps

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Hmmm these pants are getting a little too snug. (Stupid crotch whiskers - of course I didn't notice them until AFTER I wore this all day - doh.) They are moving from cute-work-appropriate pants category to borderline painted-on ridiculousness. Which unfortunately means it's time to eat a little less Taco Bell and spend a little more moving the ole body.

I think of these pants as my warning pants. I bought them right before my first week of work at my first real job (when I was in pretty decent physical shape playing a ton of city league soccer) and now, nine years later, any time they start to get tight it's a warning that I need less time sitting in front of a glowing computer screen and more time running around out in the sunlight. And probably more broccoli too.

Blerg. Sometimes I wish we lived in a world where mozzerella sticks were a health food.



  1. This may be a dumb question - what are you wearing under your sweater? I can never seem to find any thing that comes up high enough to show under a v-neck!

  2. Nice - you always look nice!

  3. Love the outfit. The green sweater is beautiful.

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  4. I am having the same problem with my pants...glad to have company!

    Love today's outfit!

  5. I love the combination of the grey pants with the green top. Great outfit :)

  6. The phrase "crotch whiskers" has totally made my day! =)

  7. Anon - it's a cami from Old Navy. The one without the built in bra.

    Sarah Kay - hee hee crotch wiskers... :)


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