outfit post: ikat print skirt, navy t-shirt, jean jacket

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

While I think it's adorable on other people - I haven't adopted the fun print pant trend. I just don't feel like drawing that much attention to my thighs/bum area. I will always love a solid pant, patterned shirt and a colored cardigan. But, in the interest of branching out, for some reason a fun patterned skirt still feels okay & in my comfort zone. So while it's not a crazy cropped pant, I'm sorta 'with it' by wearing a patterned bottom and neutral pieces on top. Baby steps! :)



  1. I love your Hollywood inspired outfits!You are so creative and they look just as great on you as they do on the celebrities!

  2. I love your blog. You always look Greg! How do you like your shoes, are they worth the premium price? Just curious; I've been wanting a pair, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  3. Just found your blog and absolutely love it! I love all your inspirations and reinterpretations. Your style is great! I'm hooked, new follower! Please come by and check out my new blog if you get a chance.

    Pigtails and Pearls

  4. Thanks!

    I love them. It took me quite awhile to decide to splurge & buy them. But I figured that I wear black flats on every single work trip ever - so why not treat myself to a pair I was in love with?


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