outfit post: blue cropped pants, black & gold patterned blouse, black jacket

Inspiration - Olivia Palermo

When I started this blog I was taking my outfit photos in the bedroom. But because my schedule & my husbands schedules are quite different (he owns his own business so I get up about 6 and he gets up around 11) it was often difficult to figure out a time to take the photos without disturbing him. And I got a bunch of comments/emails/feedback about how much the cable cord in the photos looked terrible. I was lazy about unscrewing it, moving it and then putting it back it for a great portion of my daily snapshots.

So finally I got rid of an old futon couch in our guest room and moved my camera & kitchen stool there where I've been taking most of my pictures lately. This room has a big nice blank wall with no cords! You can notice a cream color on the walls versus our bedroom which has grey.

My husband rarely looks at the blog but the other day he did and I was surprised when he said he really doesn't like the carpet on the floor in the guestroom in the photos. It is pretty old carpet but I just hadn't noticed/cared. It was interesting that he, who doesn't often have any blog opinions, felt so strongly about the floor. While I agree that the carpet isn't ideal for a 'pretty' photo - I am really liking the new easy set up of being able to just leave the camera out on the stool instead of taking it out and putting it all away every day.

So I got to thinking - how could I make the floor look better without paying to install new hardwood floor in the bedroom? Then I started wondering what it would look like if I made a removable platform for me to stand on? At the end of 2011 our hot water heater exploded and ruined a large portion of our bedroom hardwood floors and they had to be ripped up. (Here's a post with my standing on the green underlay after it happened.) Since it was replaced there has been a pile of torn up warped wood sitting in our garage. So yesterday I wandered out there, grabbed some pieces and lay them out to make myself a little platform I can stand on. That is the floor that is in today's post.

I can pretty easily pull it up and stuff it in the closet if we have company so that's good. But it's a little wobbly/mushy because the planks are just resting there independently on top of the carpet and not actually attached to anything. I don't know if it's stupid to even care about the floor in the photos. It's not like this blog is about home decor. But if I am doing some activity almost every single day - then I guess it doesn't hurt to improve it where I can... I'm on the fence about it. Am I being dumb to care about the floor in the daily photos? Is the hardwood floor any noticeable amount nicer? Asks the headless blogger... :)



  1. You'll probably get a different opinion in every comment! I didn't mind the carpet, but I think the floor "pad" you've used today looks a bit wonky. Personally, I prefer the grey wall (makes the color of the clothes pop a bit better). BUT the white outlets on the wall are very distracting. Best place? Blank grey wall with stable flooring if you can find it!

  2. Hi. I never looked at the floor or the wall or the cable cord for that matter. After all, your blog is about FASHION and outfits that inspire. I'm sorry everyone has an opinion about everything but the lovely outfits you put together. Thank you for updating your blog as often as you do. I look forward every morning to receiving email updates. AND however you take your photos, in whatever background, is fine and should be fine to all. It's a lot of work posting, tagging, linking, etc. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. okay after almost 25 years of marriage here it is. No it's not stupid. Question: is this something that would have bothered you had it not been for your husband's input?

    Now my concern is that the floor will be a problem with heels. Stability speaking.

    We bought a house that had horrible horrendus disgusting green carpet (like 30+ years old). It took over 2 years to work up the courage to remove it and lo and behold! the floor underneath was at least 10 times better. Might find the same situation. But go back to the question before you go tearing anything up.

    Hope this helps. You have made me finally start taking care of me by developing a wardrobe and food for my head in figuring out what to wear in the mornings (instead of sweats to the bus stop). Please keep up the good work. I would love to see more of your casual clothes though.


  4. Wow, I can honestly say I never paid any attention to the background before. I'm here for ideas of how to put outfits together. I love your style and practicality.
    Wall/floor color not so much. Though now that you mentioned it I'm sure to notice that now ;)

  5. Okay first and most importantly, this is a killer outfit. I have none of the right pieces to pull it off myself, but this may have actually driven me to go shopping. You're amazing.

    Also, this post completely cracked me up. I think about these things ALL the time. When I do photos, I end up having to move furniture and even put casters on a recent project because I know it's on the wall I use for photos the most often!

    Anyway, I have never paid any attention to the cable cord, the carpet, the wall color or anything else. I did think it was weird that you're headless, but only in an idle way, and when you explained why, I'm totally supportive of your headlessness. Go headless, baby!

    You're great, the blog is great. Don't worry about a thing.

  6. I honestly never even looked at your floors, walls, cords, etc because I was too busy looking at the amazing outfits you were putting together!!

  7. How funny that your husband mentioned the carpet! Honestly, I had noticed the cable cord a few times before, but it didn't really bother me in the least. That isn't why I read! The hardwood looks good, there's just one tiny place where it looks uneven. It isn't enough to bother me or make me stop visiting your blog! :)

  8. I love your blog because of the outfits you put together. I really hadn't noticed the floors, walls, or cable cord. That's not why I check out your blog everyday.

  9. Love this outfit- I clicked on your blog today thinking "today, I'm going to try to match today's outfit." So I'll be copying you thankyouverymuch!

    Also, since it is your blog, I certainly wouldn't complain to you about it. I noticed the cord but thought nothing of it. I definitely did not have a negative opinion about it- it's just a cord, and it's not like you should have a professional photo backdrop in your home.

    I think the floor pad looks just fine. I didn't notice anything about it until your pointed it out. I suppose if you're concerned, you could by a piece of plywood to lay underneath, so the planks could fit together with less give.

  10. Love to see your cream & burgundy floral tie-neck sleeveless blouse again - April 10.

  11. I focus on the fashion. Love what you're wearing today!!!!



  12. First off, I love this outfit! I too never noticed the carpet or the wall, but I do like the flooring. I write a blog about yoga (and other things) and I sometimes post pics of myself in yoga poses and my husband takes the pictures. Yesterday there was a picture of a sock in the background. I was like, can't use that one and he said no one would notice. And you know, they probably wouldn't. But I do. Moral of the story: do what you think looks best.

  13. I have never noticed the walls or carpets....I'm here for the clothes:)

    You are so right on with the outfit today. I can't believe how much it mirrors the inspiration photo. Nice work!

  14. I love today's outfit- the blue and gold are beautiful together! As for flooring, my husband and I used vinyl plank flooring. It is SUPER durable and much better quality than laminate and much less upkeep than real hardwood floors. Hope that helps! http://the-style-files.com/2013/02/18/get-in-on-the-ground-floor/

  15. I too read your blog for the clothes. I don't care if you're headless, and have cords in the background. Obviously, to make your outfit stand out you do need a blank canvas as the background and you're doing an amazing job. Sometimes people are waaaay too opinionated.

  16. Honestly I never paid attention to the floor. But after looking at it, I think the hardwood looks better then the carpet if your considering changing it. But as far as picture taking for the blog I don't care either way as I'm looking at the outfits. I check everyday for outfit inspiration and wouldn't have noticed gray vs. yellow. Love what you do! Keep up the great work!!

  17. First, love your blog!! You've inspired me to think more about my outfits vs just throw on whatever. And people are noticing and commenting. So thanks! Second, the walls or floor don't matter to me but the cord was distracting. I agree with the other comment about whether you would have thought about the carpet if hubs hadn't said anything. If not, stick with it!

  18. I had to go back a post to even notice the carpet, however, I did notice the cable cord when they were in the pictures. But exposed cords make me crazy and I need help... Ha!

  19. I'm glad the consensus is that the focus is on the outfits! :)

    I might play around with it a bit more but if it keeps being wonky - I'm going to stick with carpet!

    Thanks for the feedback!!!!

  20. haha, I laughed. I always seen pictures on Pinterest with the cord on the wall and thought it should be removed. I think any improvements you can make for a better photo op isn't wasted.

    I am glad I found your site and will now follow it.

    Thanks for your time and effort in creating it. Steph


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