one piece, two ways - instructions

I really really loved when the What I Wore blog did the Fall Remix Challenge and the Winter Remix Challenge where she had guest posters send in photos showing one piece of clothing two ways. She had tons of pictures submitted from lots of different bloggers/readers. I thought it was a great way to discover fun new blogs to read.

So I'm going to do a similar post here. If you'd like to participate - please email me a photo showing one spring clothing item used two different ways. Super excited to see what you guys come up with!!

Here are the details-

  • One photo showing your one item two ways
  • Image size should be height = 640 px and width = 650 px (width can be smaller)
  • Image name = your name/your blog
  • Send to:
Info to include in the email:
  • Piece that's being reused
  • Your Name (optional)
  • Blog Name (optional)
  • Blog URL (optional)
Submit date:
  • Sunday, May 12, midnight ET
Image example:


  1. INSPIRED!! My 20 something daughter directed me to this site. I'm building a Summer wardrobe for a 10-day European vacation and having never done anything like this was nearly crazily shopping 3-4 times a week. You've helped me fine tune that energy. Friday and Saturday's posts have inspired me to use things I already have to replicate the look in my own way. I'll submit them to the "One thing, two ways" as soon as I get the one article of clothing I need. It's off to the store tomorrow to make that purchase and another $100 of returns for the Summer wardrobe.


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