outfit post: teal v-neck sweater, white button down, grey pencil skirt

Inspiration - Neiman Marcus

Here's a random trick I learned a long time ago that I think is pretty handy. If you have a necklace that you mostly like the length but every so often wish it was longer - you can extend it by taking a bracelet that has a clasp and attaching the necklace clasp to the bracelet hook and the bracelet clasp to the necklace hook. Viola! Extra few inches of length. That's what I did to this pendant necklace to fit it around the collar of this shirt.

If it's not already - I'm too lazy to look - this idea should be made by someone into a handy pinterest pin to float around the internet helping short necklaced people.

Okay, I'm not too lazy, I just looked googled and they sell 'necklace bracelet extenders' on Amazon. Guess it's not as tricky a trick as I thought. :)



  1. I like the bracelet idea. Who doesn't have a ton of extra bracelets?

    I do have some 1 1/2" necklace extenders from Wal-Mart, but sometimes that's just not enough.

  2. Love the outfit, but I can't help but comment that your fav polka dot blouse would look SUPER cute instead of the white.... just sayin'! ;0)

  3. I can't believe I never thought of that...I'll definitely have to use it! Thanks for the tip!




  4. I love that color of blue, and it goes so well with the rest of your outfit! Gorgeous!

  5. Thanks!

    Kadie - I LOVE that idea! :)


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