outfit post: polka-dot blouse, pink cardigan, black pencil skirt

Inspiration - Dainty & Decadent

Okay! I promise I'll slow down with repetitive wears of this shirt. But it's just that I stand in my closet in the morning, half asleep and it says in this weird whispery voice, "wear me! wear me! it's been two whole days! it's not consecutive days! no one will notice! wear meeeee." And I don't argue and just put it on again. So it's totally not my fault if I'm being repetitive. It's the totally normal sleepy weirdo voices in my head  that made me do it! :)

(I'm kinda proud of my cuffing job on my sleeves to show some extra polka-dots.  Thought of it last second and it made me happy once I did it.)

Pink cardigan worn previously:



  1. I love this look!! I just started following your blog and although I am a stay at home/homeschooling Momma I am getting some great ideas for my boring closet. Learning to mix things is FUN! And of course love when you show more casual outfits.
    BTW-I need this blouse. I have an orange with white polka dots. It's harder to mix and match.

  2. I love the brightness of your sweater! I've been trying to find one in this color because the only one I have that is similar has an odd fit on me.

  3. I loveeee your blog...everything is so relative to what I have in my closet. And just a suggestion that might help you not repeat the same pieces or outfits....My boyfriend and I spend about 15-20 minutes every Sunday night to pick out outfits for the week for each other in hopes to change things up and have some fun with all the clothes we have!

  4. I love that you get inspiration from other bloggers. I follow Dainty and Decadent too, I love her pregnancy outfits right now. Anyway, I don't think inspiration always has to come from some designer magazine, because it is everywhere!

  5. Love this look with the flats!!! I'm hosting a link up next thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring trend. Hope to see you there.



  6. I'm not over the polka dot shirt! Keep wearing it. I wore mine yesterday with cobalt blue skinny jeans, like your last post. Keep em coming!

  7. The polka dot shirt strikes again! Love it :-) I'm addicted to cuffing my sleeves!


  8. Hey MK, this might be too personal of a question, but what size pants/skirts do you wear? I wear a size 10 now that I just had my baby and feel like women with wide hips (pear shapes) may not look the best in a boyfriend cardigan like the one you're wearing here. Do you have any opinion on that? Thanks! Love your style!

  9. Thanks so much everyone!

    MKApril, I'm a 6/8 depending on the store (sometimes store sizing is even crazier and I fit in 4s & 10s & 12s which makes no sense I can fit into so many sizes - but that's another story).

    I personally had a bit of trouble finding a boyfriend cardigan I liked. Some had pockets right on the hips that made me look wide. And others, depending on the length being too high or too long also weren't flattering. But I feel like if you can find the right one it kinda camouflages things you don't like in your bottom half.

    But I had to try on a lot before I found one that I liked.


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