outfit post: navy tie-neck blouse, red cardigan, black pencil skirt

Inspiration - Gucci

I thought about putting up a fake April Fool's day blog post about how after a lot of thought I was going to stop blogging and close down this site and then tomorrow be like APRIL FOOLS...but I decided I get annoyed when people do that stuff so I'd just post like normal and not be annoying.

But I will tell you about an old friend of mine who thought April 1st was basically the biggest holiday of the year. He looked forward to it for months and plotted and schemed and couldn't wait for it to come. One year as a joke on me he put an ad in the local newspaper classifieds for some expensive popular hunting gun priced really really low and put my phone number as the contact info. Starting around 5:30 am my phone rang nonstop for the entire day with dozens and dozens of messages from some of the most country-southern sounding people I have ever heard (and I grew up in the sticks surrounded by country accents) "callin' 'bout tha gun ya got listed in the paper." So annoying.

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      1. I have been following your blog for a few months but this is my first comment...so glad you didn't pull the April Fool's joke--I would have been soooo sad!!! I love your blog, I come check it out almost daily! This outfit is great--I am always hesitant to pair black and red (sometimes I feel like it looks too 80s?) but this totally works with the navy top. I will definitely be replicating!

      2. this is just lovely! thank you so much for giving me some good inspiration. :)

      3. I love this outfit. I pulled an April Fools joke on my food blog a couple of years ago (my husband has been 'cooking' hockey sticks to achieve the perfect curve, so he did a guest post and wrote out his recipe with step by step pics). I thought it was amusing. But I don't know that I'd do it again.

        Jokes involving other people's phone numbers are just mean.

      4. Love your post. Your friend is pretty fun and mean in a funny sort of way. Love your outfit today.



      5. I really enjoy your blog and check it daily.

        Another blog I watch, Capitol Hill Style, did a prett decent April Fools prank. Nothing too dramatic, just enough to elicit a giggle.

      6. heeheehee. I like to retell that April fools story too!!! :)

      7. Thanks everyone! 'Cooking' hockey sticks if funny! :)


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