outfit post: mint cardigan jacket, white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, nude pumps

Inspiration - Kourtney Kardashian

I'm sort of in love with this cardigan. I really like the Chanel inspired tweed jacket look worn either for work or casually with jeans but because I'm not a huge jacket person I've been struggling to incorporate in the pink super-on-sale one I bought last year as an experiment into my normal outfit rotation. (Worn jokingly inspired by Charlotte York here.) So when I found this mint cardigan at the 'Tupperware Party for clothes' and it looks like a Chanel inspired tweed jacket but feels like a really soft normal cardigan I was super excited. Here's my first time wearing it and I was so happy all day!



  1. Great cardigan! I love how it can be dressed up for work or down for fun. So many options!


  2. I love that cardigan. You'll get a ton of wear out of that. The detail is really elegant!

  3. I LOVE the cardigan!

    I check your blog every day, but haven't commented before. Your outfits are so "real world" compared to other fashion bloggers.

    You inspired me to buy some jeans at Old Navy. I was trying to buy a little more expensive jeans, hoping they wouldn't fade as fast, but so far have been unimpressed. So I went back to Old Navy, and today I am wearing a pair that I may not have to have altered. At all. Amazing! I want a pair of straight-legged jeans to wear with flats, and Old Navy doesn't have any. I am thinking of buying another pair just like this boot cut pair and having them altered to straight.

  4. I'm a CAbi consultant, so I'm getting a kick out of your recent two additions! Did you buy any more at your show? :)

  5. I love that cardigan! I'll definitely have to follow your blog, I love it!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Holly - It was my very first time going to a show. I bought dress, gather top, society sweater, santa fe tee, tiered cami and grand prix shirt. Went a little crazy bc everything was so cute! :)


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