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A friend of mine invited me to a CAbi show for clothing at her house a few weeks ago and I ended up buying a couple of things from her. (It was my first time going to an event like that.) When I tried to explain to my husband what a 'house show for clothing' is - he wasn't getting how you can buy stuff from the consultant hosting the event until I compared it to Mary Kay or a Tupperware party. So now that it has arrived - he calls this dress my 'Tupperware dress'

A shirt dress is such a easy but put-together thing to wear. I'm digging this one a lot so I think I'm going to keep my eye out for another one in a different color to add to my wardrobe.



    1. I really like your 'Tupperware' dress! Great take on the inspiration photo.

    2. I am having a Cabi party next week and this dress is on my wish list.
      Love your blog!!

    3. lol- I could totally imagine my husband coming up with the same nickname! Men ;) Looks great- I am {loving} that color green!!

    4. I've been obsessing over that dress - from afar. I try to avoid CAbi parties most seasons, but they are always my favorite clothing items. I'm looking forward to seeing how you mix/match in your capsule series.

    5. I had never heard of them until my friend invited me to her party. Very cute stuff but you're right - it would be very expensive if someone attended them regularly because the cuteness would probably win over rationality. :)

    6. its nice and simple dress.., very cute bag... i m impressed with your given color combination...


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