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Okay, I am wearing my too long pants again! I know know know that I need to get them hemmed and I have been meaning to get them to a tailor - but I have been hitting over 80 hours for the past month at work and it's been a challenge to keep myself bathed & fed & employed. I have a list a mile long of life to-dos including weird noise my car is making, kitten needs to get shots at the vet, deposit checks at the bank, buy groceries and respond to blog email to name a few...

(**UPDATE - btw I love my job - it's just a busy phase for me. I know tons of people have hard jobs too - plus additional major obligations like kids and things to juggle that I don't even deal with! So I'm sorry if I'm just being a big baby whiner about not having time to go to a tailor! Thanks for just letting me vent!)

One slightly embarrassing reason I'm wearing them so much while knowing they're too long is that all this sedentary computer work has led to extra stress eating and less (read: zero) working out which means many of my pants have gotten quite, ahem, snug lately. In addition to being slightly too long these pants also have a little more breathing room then my other work pants - so dealing with extra length has been better then dealing with too small waistbands digging into my stomach... okay that was probably TMI. :) 



  1. LOL, sorry to hear that your schedule is so crazy! Hope things calm down a bit so you can get your every day stuff done. I travel all the time for work too, its hard!


  2. Not TMI, I wouldn't say. I struggle with the same issue, so it is nice to hear bloggers whose fashion I admire speak about the same problem. Keepin it real!

  3. I know that feeling - rest assured that you still look GREAT.

  4. I think we all have at least one pair of pants for those occasions! TMI: I definitely wear looser fitting pants when I know I'm going out with my coworkers for lunch instead of brown bagging it. Oh well!

  5. Do they touch the ground? They don't look too long to me, for what that's worth. I know Angie at youlookfab.com suggests wider-legged pants to almost touch the ground.

    I've recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much.


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