outfit post: teal sweater, animal print scarf, black skinny jeans

Watching Breakfast Club with the hubby while I put this post together (he says he's not watching but actually doing work on his laptop - mmmm hmmm suuuure) and it's an extra fun version of the movie because it's it's got pop-up facts. Gotta get your brat pack trivia! Sorta loving Molly Ringwald's brown skirt with pink shirt.



  1. I have trouble putting red and teal together myself, but every time I see it on someone else, I like it! This is a great weekend look.

    And how can you NOT love Breakfast Club?!


  2. First this is a super cute outfit. Second the hubs and I were watching that too! Love the fun facts, kind of fills the void left when Pop-Up Video on VH1 ended. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so flattered to be included on your blog, MK! And I really like how your scarf ties everything together perfectly with that little bit of black. :-)

  4. I love your blog. Thanks so much for doing this! I am 25 years old professional and I have a really hard time putting nice outfits together. I found your blog through pinterest and I'm so glad I did! You're a heaven sent! Thanks for the inspiration. With your guidance I will finally be able to put appropriate outfits together :)

  5. Love this outfit, my favorite in a while.

  6. Thanks!

    Cynthia, thanks for posting such a cute outfit to Go Chic or Go Home for me to emulate!! :)


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