outfit post: teal pleated blouse, black 'editor' pants

Inspiration - Kim Kardashian

I found this shirt at Forever 21 mid-February and absolutely love it. It doesn't wrinkle in my suitcase and it floats away from my body in places that I really appreciate. (I wore it three times in the two weeks I was in DC for work.) Also wore it with jeans and flats to lunch the other day. So after realizing it's a relatively inexpensive shirt that I like so much and can wear so much - I looked it up online and bought both the black and the white versions. Great basic blouses to wear on their own or under suit jacket or cardigans.

I've gotten quite a few questions about my shopping habits. And because I don't really have a set budget (I just try to be reasonable and smart about what I buy) or the time to do a fun monthly shopping summery posts like other bloggers do - I'm going to just try to pin things I buy to a Pinterest board so you can check it out if you're interested. (I try to pin stuff I buy from stores for the outfit inspiration anyway - so it's available if you might find it interesting - and if not it won't clog up the blog. Win-win.) 



  1. I have a feeling you've been asked this before, but where do you store all of your clothes?! I can only imagine a room-sized walk-in closet would suffice! Also, owning so many articles of clothing, do you color code them in your closet/storage?

  2. I'm sad the teal isn't available in my size! But I really like that top...so classic to wear with a skirt, pants, and jeans.


  3. I love organizing so I'd love to try to do a closet post someday. I'm lucky in that I have one side of a 10'x 6' walk-in closet - compared to my old house that had one of those 1930s three feet wide mini-closets. I added some inexpensive shelves from Lowes to hang things up. I keep my clothes organized by sleevelength and then by color.


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