outfit post: polka-dot blouse, chunky knit rust cardigan, black 'editor' pant

Inspiration - See Jane

I'm totally obsessed with this polka-dotted shirt and sort of wore it all weekend. A quick delicate wash on Sunday night means it's ready to go again today! Right now I have about half a dozen outfits in mind I want to incorporate this shirt into and it seems like every time I log into Pinterest I find another one. It's crazy how one new purchase (because I get asked a lot - I'm going to try to track my purchases on a Pinterest board - if you care to check it out) like this blouse can make the rest of your normal old clothes seem exciting again!

Wore this cardigan previously:
Originally I wanted to wear the rust cardigan shown in the outfit links below this sentence but as I pulled it on the sleeve ripped a gaping hole. Boo. But it was a cheap-y F21 cardigan that I got a lot of wears out of - so I can't be too sad. RIP rust cardigan:


  1. Super cute!!! I think it would be pretty with the mustard cardigan too!

  2. I just bought a polka dot shirt (mine is a pleated tee that's black with white polka dots) and I'm already planning about fifty million ways to wear it. I love this outfit.

  3. I swear, I'm not trying to troll. But seriously, those pants need to be hemmed. It does nothing for your amazing figure to have them pulled to the floor like that. And you have such cute shoes, why hide them?!

  4. LOVE the Outfit. Love ALL of your outfits ;)

    I've just posted another OOTD & Youtube Video - check out my blog


  5. Love this outfit. I'm follwoing you on bloglovin, please follow me as well.



  6. I would be wearing that shirt just as much as you are - it's gorgeous! Great outfit.

  7. The polka dots make the outfit really fun yet still totally work-appropriate!

  8. Thanks!

    Cam - I totally agree with you - I talk a bit about my too-long pants here: http://outfitposts.blogspot.com/2013/03/outfit-posts-grey-boyfriend-cardigan.html

  9. Cute outfit! Love your style, it's a lot like mine! BTW, your pants aren't too long. Flare leg dress pants should touch the floor and totally cover your shoes and I have black work pants that I wear all the time. Now my pants are too long. All my black flared work pants drag on the floor and puddle over my shoes and that's with my 5 inch platforms on! Too cheap and too lazy to hem them, LOL! :-) Great Blog!

  10. Thanks Chrissy! I think mine are only the tiniest bit too long - the problem is that I step on the hem. But there is a fine distance between them being too short and looking goofy.


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