outfit post: polka-dot blouse, black pencil skirt

More of my new favorite Forever 21 shirt! Hope you're not sick of it - because I have like ten more outfits I want to try with it. :)

I'm really liking just wearing black and white. I like the restraint of staying achromatic and not adding a big pop of a saturated color like I typically do. Makes me feel more sophisticated then normal. Fun to try something different!

Polka-dot blouse worn previously:


  1. I like the simplicity of this outfit. And I don't think I'll get sick of polka dots for a while! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the top!


  2. I LOVE Polka Dots...I've been blogging for about a week and have already worn 2 outfits with PD's...;)

  3. I wouldn't get sick of that shirt if you wore it everyday! SO gorgeous.

  4. Lol! I tried this shirt on at Forever 21 the other day and felt too dressy. So I passed on it, but I'll get it in a heart beat if you have 10 more outfits for it, because half will probably be casual!! ;)

    I always like your version of the outfits you post, love your style!

  5. Whoa- LOVE this outfit! Keep it on heavy rotation, for sure.

  6. I love the plain black and white! Very Classy!

  7. I Love your polka dot love! :)

  8. So I went to F21 for the first time in years this weekend with your blog up on my phone so I could find this very shirt. No dice. I was so bummed. BTW, I would be so happy if you posted some tips on shopping at Forever 21 for those of us who are more on the Forever 35 end of the spectrum.

  9. I don't have any good tips other then I think it's difficult to find stuff that doesn't look cheap or waaaay too short at F21.

    I feel like some stores like Banana or JCrew you can just walk in and know its basically acceptable for over 30s but with Forever 21 it's like thrift store/outlet store hunting - sometimes when shopping you come across super-great-appropriate-finds but the rest of the time for me it's just hunting and hoping.

  10. What size in the PD top did you get?

  11. Anon,
    I bought a large. I pretty much always wear a large in F21 clothes. :)


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